How you can streamline customer loyalty in a mobile app

It is widely known that loyal customers are 5 times more cost effective than the cost of the activity it takes to attract new customers*. It can be difficult to retain customers in the restaurant industry, where customers have numerous options available to them at the touch of a button. By the very nature of the industry too – customers might look to try different restaurants, even after a great experience, simply to try a variety of food. There are several ways you can increase customer loyalty within your restaurant, below we’ve highlighted how your customer loyalty programme can be tied efficiently into a mobile app.

Attracting customers

A busy restaurant is an attractive restaurant. For people walking past and seeing a restaurant full of happy, smiling people it can be an easy decision to enter and join in the fun! So how do you ensure your restaurant is full and looks busy to people who haven’t dined with you before? Mobile apps give you the opportunity to attract customers through location targeting software such as Apple iBeacon. It gives businesses the opportunity to push notifications out to customers who are in the area of the restaurant, or passing by once the app is switched on. Mobile apps also give you the opportunity to reward loyal customers with vouchers, for discounts on their next visit. 60% of users say they will gladly switch to another restaurant if invited by a discount voucher.**

Give great service

Another obvious way to increase customer loyalty is to give a great service that is both memorable and shared by your customers, into their own networks. Engaging your customers by enquiring about their experience of your restaurant will give you valuable insight into the things they love most, or like least about your service. You can use a bespoke mobile app to reward customers based on their feedback, which can be coordinated through the app. This will help you to continually improve your customer’s experience in your restaurant.

If you’re looking to develop a bespoke, custom built app, designed around your brand with your customer preferences as the focus, then we can help. We will understand your business goals and aligning them into a customer-centric, bespoke built app. For more information – contact us today.


13th January 2018 Loyalty, Order Ahead, QSR
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