How to build a loyal customer base for your restaurant

If you work within the hospitality industry and run a restaurant, you’ll know first hand the importance of building and growing a loyal customer base who will return time and again to eat with you, bringing their friends and family to join. One of the best ways to increase awareness and increase your customer base in a restaurant is to attract new customers via word of mouth. Therefore, the more loyal customers you have, who are already advocates for your business, the more likely you are to attract new customers. Here are three steps to approach it:

Get a loyalty app

A great way to develop a close customer base is by creating a loyalty app for your restaurant, enabling you to reward loyal customers and grow a community and network of people who already love eating with you. You can use your app in several ways to improve your customer relationships, offer discounts, get feedback and invite your customers to interact with you via social media. You’ll also get access to their data which can help you better understand your core customer, which is crucial when it comes to future marketing efforts.

Use it as a focus group

If you want to launch a series of new dishes or a new menu, you can use your app as a focus group, asking customers who eat with you regularly to vote through your app for the dishes they’d most like to eat. You could even reward a select few customers with a taster menu of the new dishes you’ve decided upon.

If you’re thinking of changing anything within your business, your app could work as an incredible platform to generate feedback from your customers first hand. You must ensure you’re giving your customers something back for their time and effort in completing your surveys to keep them loyal to your business.

Use it as a reservation system

Apps are one of the most popular ways for people to make bookings and have revolutionised the health, beauty and fitness industries, increasing the number of bookings businesses get each day and also a greater communication of cancelled attendance due to the ease of using an app which helps businesses to better adjust their service to maximise on customers. Offering a reservations system on your app could be a great way to increase the number of loyal customers your restaurant has, as you offer a flexible service to suit the busy lifestyles of your customers.

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