Putting your menu in the pockets of your punters

Studies suggest that when a consumer is committed to a brand, it’s likely that they will continue to purchase from there, regardless of price or convenience. It’s this sort of loyalty that is indispensable to small-medium businesses. With competition in the takeaway and quick service restaurant industries at an all-time high, no catering establishment can afford to neglect customer engagement.

How a mobile app keeps you in the minds eye of the customer

Imagine a group of students. They’re gathering in a shared house on a weekday evening in front of the television, when one of them announces that it might be a clever idea to order some food in.

Of course, almost every eatery uses traditional marketing techniques, like posting menus through letterboxes – and there’s always going to be a place for that – however, an iPhone app immediately puts your menu in the pockets of your customers – and immediately provides you with a sales opportunity.

Getting back to the group of students – sure, it’s great that they’ve decided to order some pizza – but why wait for customers to come to you when you can actively push promotions (discounts, buy one get one free offers, free beverages – this list is endless) direct to their mobile devices? A simple notification via your app offering your latest deal drives those sales, brings those orders in and retains customer loyalty – all at the same time.

Restaurant analytics

Bespoke takeaway ordering apps aren’t just convenient for your customers – they’re brilliant market research tools, too. The data at your disposal (for example, times and days of the week when particular customers place orders) means you can tailor your offers for maximum effectiveness.

How a mobile app could save you money

Online marketplaces for fast food ordering are more successful than ever before – and no one can argue that they can be a valuable platform for attracting business. However, most of the mainstream takeaway ordering sites take between 10 and 14 percent commission. Having your own app puts the power in your hands; allowing you to maximise your profits whilst driving your marketing plan.

If you would like to learn more about bespoke mobile applications for your restaurant, contact us at 5loyalty today.

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