Streamline your customer service with a bespoke booking app

If you have a busy restaurant, it is likely that your staff spend a lot of time dealing with bookings. If you also offer a popular takeaway service, then this means that you could be spending several hours a day dealing with phone calls from diners and potential diners; time that could better be spent front of house.

With a bespoke booking app, you can reduce the time your customer services and booking teams spend on the phones and answering queries. Here are just some of the ways a mobile app could streamline your customer service and improve the customer experience.

Encourage downloads

Encourage your diners to download the booking app with an incentive, such as a discount on their next order or by providing access to regular deals straight from the app. Offering your customers an app that works as a loyalty card app is another great incentive for your diners to download and use it.

Allow booking through the app

Ensure that the app offers booking and ordering facilities. Potential diners will be able to book a table or order their takeaway straight from the app. They won’t need to pick a phone and call, and they won’t need to visit your restaurant during potentially busy hours to make a booking – thereby taking some of the pressure off your staff. They can also avoid the disappointment of calling in without a booking and not being able to get a table.

Allow ordering through the app

Your app can even take orders, as well as bookings. Your customers will be able to book the food they want when they book their table. Not only is this convenient for your customer, it means your kitchen staff can use their time more efficiently and have a better idea of what produce they will need. You can have food partially prepared before your customer arrives and, at the very least, cut down on the time that you have to wait while they decide. This will streamline the customer experience and potentially reduce the time that a single customer is sat at the table.

Enjoy greater profits

More bookings, fewer resources spent on customer service, and increased loyalty equate to greatly improved profit potential for your business. A 5Loyalty booking app could become one of your most powerful restaurant tools because it reduces revenue, increases sales, and improves profits. Contact us for more information today.


12th April 2017 QSR, Reservations
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