Make sure your customers want more from your restaurant!

Customer loyalty is what every restaurant strives for. You want each and every customer to enjoy your food, atmosphere and hospitality. Following these handy tips will ensure that your customers make the most of your experience to the point that they will want to come back time and time again.

Show how important your servers are to you

One of the biggest pitfalls faced by restaurants is poor service. Your servers are your best marketing tool and, if treated well, will make a fantastic impression for you. It is important that your servers are given their dues because they will perform better and that will reflect better on your business.

After all, customers can always tell when a server enjoys their job and if they feel like your restaurant is a fun working environment, it is more likely you will be recommended to friends and family.

Make a personal connection with your customers

Customers like to feel special. That’s why it is always important to show that you care about them and their patronage. If you have regular customers, try to remember their names and their favourite dishes. Customer engagement should be like seeing old friends, so go out of your way to make each visit special.

If you can find out important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries, you can send them dedicated messages that show you care. Your customers will always appreciate this and will respond by showing their loyalty to your restaurant.

Stay in touch with customers through a mobile app

A mobile app is ideal for building customer loyalty. It can be used to send push notifications, exclusive offers and even for feedback. It’s an amazing marketing approach for restaurateurs, allowing you to maintain customer engagement even when they’re not visiting your restaurant.

Including loyalty card schemes through your app will make your favourite customers come back for more every time. The possibilities are endless and, if done correctly, will keep your restaurant close to your customers’ hearts.

Our bespoke mobile apps can be branded and designed to reflect your restaurant’s needs. Speak to a member of our team today for more information.



31st March 2017 Loyalty, QSR
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