5 ways to improve customer engagement

If you really want to maximise the success of your business, you need to be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into customer engagement. It is not enough just to wait for customers to come through your door, you need to go out and drive them in. Customer engagement is imperative for thriving businesses and these are some ways to improve it for your business.

Social media presence

Technology is one of the main ways we communicate these days and gives business owners the ability to interact with customers – something that would never have been possible before. A strong social media presence is important, as this is so widely used these days and the ideal way to engage with your customers. Don’t just have a presence on social media, use it to speak to people!

Encourage feedback

People love to give their opinions and what better way to improve engagement than by asking customers for their feedback? Actively encourage feedback from your customers so that you can increase engagement but also use it to improve your services at the same time.

Offer rewards

Customers want to feel that you value their business and the more you do this, the more loyalty you will get in return. In the service industry, a customer’s experience will determine whether they will come back to you and also whether they will tell their friends and family about you – the ultimate goal. You can greatly improve engagement through a loyalty app, where customers can get loyalty points or free offers, based on how often they use your services. A loyalty app, such as 5loyalty, is a great investment for businesses striving for growth.

Great service

If you offer your customers an excellent service, they will be far more engaged – and willing to return to you again. There is no point in introducing other methods of engagement, if your customer service is terrible, as you will get no engagement, or at least, no positive engagement! Make sure your customer service is at its optimum level. Customer feedback can greatly help with this.

Customer content

You have probably heard how important content is and this is a good way to improve engagement with your customers, by offering them something useful. For example, restaurants may want to give away some of their secret recipes or things to do in the local area – anything which will drive traffic but also be of interest to the target market.

28th March 2017 Loyalty, Order Ahead, QSR
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