5 features to expect from our loyalty mobile app

There is a lot of competition in the service industry these days, with restaurants constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to drive customers in. You may offer great customer service and mouth-watering food, but if you can’t get the customers through the door, all your hard work goes to waste. It is important that customers know you exist and you incorporate some lead nurturing with warm leads. It is also essential to reward customers for their loyalty and this is where our loyalty mobile app can help. These are five features of our app, which makes it a must-have marketing tool for the service industry.


Loyalty scheme
Your customers might have an excellent experience of your restaurant, but if you don’t take any steps to retain their business, they will probably forget to visit again. Most people will visit numerous restaurants over the course of a month, so you need to entice them back from your competition. One way to do this is by offering a loyalty scheme – where you might offer customers loyalty points or free drink/food, depending on your preferences.


Promote brand
Customers tend to visit restaurants which have a strong brand and this app ensures your brand is in keeping with your current style, so that customers will instantly recognise you. A recognisable brand will instantly improve customer engagement.


Customer feedback
There is no underestimating the importance of customer feedback. After all, it helps you decide on what works and what doesn’t, so you can provide customers with exactly what they want. The loyalty app has a feedback form, which can be customised to suit your business and the feedback will be sent directly to your email.


Table reservations
The loyalty app saves a lot of time and hassle associated with table reservations. You can reserve tables directly from the app – which makes the whole process a lot smoother and much more reliable!


Marketing tools
There are plenty of options for marketing tools to help promote your business to brand new customers. For example, refer a friend or voucher campaigns, which are tailored to suit your individual customers. This can be an important way to drive new business, as well as ensuring loyalty from your old customers.


6th March 2017 Loyalty, QSR
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