Why a bespoke app could be the best way to build customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a hard thing to crack in the restaurant business, with numerous options available to the consumer at the tap of a button, customer retention is becoming increasingly difficult. Studies have shown however that a dedicated mobile app that lets customers complete the ordering process and has a click and collect feature, could be the way to ensure they stay loyal to your restaurant.


Research has shown that over 70% of UK consumers are far more likely to return to a restaurant that has a loyalty scheme in place. By giving customers the opportunity to earn loyalty points via an app, they are rewarding customers for their continuing business whilst securing future business at the same time. The research went on to state that 65% of UK consumers would download the restaurant’s app if it meant they would gain access to offers as-well as deals.


The same research also found that users tend to order food through directory apps such as Just Eat, but whilst directory apps are good for letting people find your restaurant in the first place, they don’t necessarily guarantee any customer loyalty. Taking Just Eat as an example, a customer who had a good experience using the app may potentially order from the same restaurant via Just Eat again, but their loyalty is with Just Eat as opposed to the restaurant itself.


With the huge majority of UK consumers stating that they would continually return to a restaurant just so they could benefit from the in-app loyalty schemes, it seems that having a dedicated loyalty points system could be a good way to deter customers from shopping around on directory apps.


It’s no secret that competition amongst restaurants is fierce which makes it more important than ever that when it comes to marketing, the restaurant has to take full ownership of the relationship with their customer. This is where a bespoke mobile app comes in, not only does it make it easier for customers to find the restaurant, but it lets them order, pay and access the restaurant’s menu. Put simply, a good bespoke app will go a long way towards achieving customer retention. Contact us today for more information.

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