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Restaurant-goers expect to reserve a table, order food, and pay their bill before they even arrive – actually, while they’re on the way. And in doing so, they want to be rewarded for their regular visits. Custom apps from 5loyalty are filling the gap with quickly deployed high quality solutions which work just as hard for your brand online as you do in the real world.

Most restaurant owners think of themselves as leaders when it comes to business innovation, but a close follower in technology innovation. The largest growth area for Back Office technology is no surprise – mobile. It makes sense though, from a survey of 15 technology types, mobile devices for manager use was the least implemented to date, yet most accessible when required.

There’s no doubt that mobilising management could mean spending more time where they’re needed most, but still access the information that keep operations going. We’ve seen it before with quick-service, fast casual and fine dining restaurants that have implemented tools like FoodOps. Not only do they break free of the back-office tether, but they are empowered by additional intelligence that gave them insight into promotions, customer behaviour, store evaluations and more.

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